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Simon Quéheillard

Born in 1977 in Bordeaux.

Lives and works in Paris.


Born in 1977 in Bordeaux, Simon Quéheillard studied at the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux where he attented a writing workshop led by the poet Emmanuel Hocquard who will highly influence his work. He now works and lives in Paris. In 2005 he took part in the exhibition « L’œil du touriste » (curated by Jeanne Truong) at the gallery Frédéric Giroux. In 2006, his first solo exhibition, called « L’image dans le papier » is presented at the gallery Frédéric Giroux. He used it as an announcement of his book, entitled the same, published two years later in June 2008 by the Publisher MIX, after he met the philosopher Fabien Vallos, head of MIX. Since 2010 Espace Khiasma has produced and presented his films and photographs, where there will be an exhibition in September 2012.



Ce que j’ai sous les yeux, 2003
Flaques-Méthode d’observation (Ce que j’ai sous les yeux 2), 2004
Le travail du piéton, 2009
Alors la couleur …, 2010
Maître-vent , 2012
Des choses comme ça, 2012

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Simon Quéheillard

Working pace

27min30 2009
Simon Quéheillard

Things like that

4min10 2012
Simon Quéheillard


22 min 2012