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Un mito antropologico televisivo screened at MK2 Beeaubourg

Phantom - mardi 8 janvier 2013

The film Un mito antropologico televisivo by Alessandro Gagliardo, Maria Helene Bertino and Dario Castelli at the MK2 Beaubourg cinema, as part of the Phantom Seances.

Screening: Thursday, January 31 at 8:30 PM at the MK2 Beaubourg.

Followed by a discussion with the filmmakers Alessandro Gagliardo, Maria Helene Bertino (to be confirmed) and Olivier Marboeuf.


“Traces of blood on the ground, a children’s chorus, a trial, a television game show, demonstrations, a political speech, etc. What links these images? They were all produced by a local television station in Catania, Sicily, from 1991 to 1994, a period marked by the 1992 assassinations in Palermo of judges Falcone and Borselllino and which preceded Berlusconi’s accession to power.
Even more decisively, we see what the editing process produces, a choice of dry cuts and unpredictable collages, which relate these fragments to each other according to a logic that is anything but linear. Rearranged, these fractioned rushes, which were culled from never used news stories, reveal a double movement. First, they interrogate the history of this province and its inhabitants, who position themselves as a distinct community. And then they deconstruct the modalities of representation inferred by the narrative system specific to television which, as we know, serves less to report events as to fabricate our regard. Such is the way in which the anthropological myth, announced in the title, is questioned. And, as an astonishing supplement, once the place of ideology is identified, the potential for intrinsic beauty in these images, which underscore these furtive moments captured like a series of gaps in the narrative thread, is revealed. An homage to the still possible utopia of a television that could gain access to the raw truth of a popular practice, at a time when collective action is about to take a different direction.”

Nicolas Féodoroff – programmateur au FIDMarseille. Programmmer for the FIDMarseille

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