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Vidéocartographies : Aïda, Palestine

Phantom - mardi 11 décembre 2012

Till Roeskens presents his exceptional film Vidéocartographies: Aïda, Palestine. (Grand Prix in the French competition of the FIDMarseille 2009).

At the MK2 Beaubourg, Thursday December 20, at 8:30PM.

“On the screen, nothing more than another screen. At first intact, a sheet of white paper is slowly covered with more or less straight lines. Watch these traces grow, push into each other, cross paths and end up creating a drawing, see them reveal a topography, indicating places, building houses, suggesting itineraries, describing a web of routes and obstacles. Here they recount biographies. Six sheets will slowly come to life, to the rhythm of narratives related by the voices of children, women and men we never see. Where are these voices? Behind the sheets of paper. Of course, but where exactly? Nowhere: that is precisely what these voices explain. Or rather, since even nowhere demands a location, they tell us that they are in Palestine, in the refugee camp Aïda, not far from the village where Christ was born. They explain that they have no real identity and are without protection, with no guarantee for tomorrow. Exiled, in mourning in a divided site, all of this combined creates a slow motion animation, the only visible witness to an experience whose suffering victims remain hidden: voices and signs lightly scribbled. We clearly see that if Till Roeskens is offering us his version of a protocol made famous by Stanley Brouwn (having passersby draw his itinerary), it is in such a different context that our own insouciance is shaken, and we ourselves become the ghosts of our security.”

Nicolas Féodoroff – programmer at the FIDMarseille.

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