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Alex Pou

A History of Shadows (A History of France)


A History of Shadows (A History of France) relates the story of two men who leave an unidentified place (France?) on a journey by foot, wandering towards the unknown. From dreams to nightmare, they discover new worlds, worlds whose existence they never suspected.
A History of Shadows (A History of France) is Alex Pou’s first feature-length film.

→ 103 min, Français, 2014

Technical details

Title A History of Shadows (A History of France)

Directed by Alex Pou

Year of production 2014

Produced by Spectre

Running time 103 min

Original language French

Subtitles English

Shooting Format HD

Sound Stereo

Color color



Cinematography, editing Alex Pou
Renfort image Jeanne Lapoirie
Sound Sophie Agier et Kerwin Roland

With  Sharif Andoura, Katya Golubeva, Jean-Baptiste Verquin

With the support of Centre national des arts plastiques, du Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis et de Clermont Communauté


affiche POU

Alex Pou

Born in 1974 in Revin.

Lives and works in Paris.

Since 2004, Alex Pou has been making videos and films which are projected in art centers, galleries and cinemas. In parallel with his film-making, he teaches at the Beaux-Arts in Clermant-Ferrand (ESACM), where he works with invited artists and students on collective films, such as Un film infini (An Infinite Film), a film with no screenplay, no fixed length and no determined author. He also questions the notion of “performed” cinema. In addition he makes drawings, which he sees as a form of screenplay for films that it would be impossible to make, using collage in place of editing, image in place of screening/projection, writing as screenplay or dialogue, superimposing as rush, dimension as length. He was in residence at the Espace Khiasma in 2011-2012 (in Les Lilas), where he developed part of the writing and research for his film History of shadow (history of France).