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Christian Barani

Like a strategy


This piece, conceived of especially for the exhibition, is the fourth installment of an experience in the image-city.
-Walking, 8 to 10 hours per day, for 23 days, in a place where nothing is made for walking, where everything is flux, speed and air-conditioning.
-Losing oneself, there where profitability is king.
-Accepting the vagaries of coincidence as cornerstone for constructing a representation, there where scenario and predictions reign.
The post-modern part of Dubai is in itself an ornamental construction, a motif set into space, a strategy conceived of by the Emirate sheiks both to attract and protect themselves from the invading cultures of entertainment and luxury. But also as a means of discreetly luring the suspect finances of the world.

→ 45 min, anglais, 2012


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