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Raphaël Grisey


A quilombo, a community of descendants of former slaves, is about to be born, or rather to reacquire visibility, in a valley threatened by a multinational mining concern. In town, real estate speculation is invading another quilombo, while the women of the community are valiantly fighting to preserve what remains and win back stolen lands. Remanescentes is a documentary essay on the quilombola question and the complex relations Brazil maintains with their origins. Raphaël Grisey follows and interweaves together various situations of struggle for the right to land, while immersing the audience in the cosmology of Brazil’s “maroon” culture.

→ 93 min, Portugais, 2015


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Selections & Awards

02/2016 – Installation – Berlinale, Forum Expanded, Berlin, Germany

11/15 : Festival de Cultura Quilombola, Minas Gerais, Brazil

10/15 : Mostra CineBH, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Technical details

Title of the movie Remainders

Director Raphaël Grisey

Producer Olivier Marboeuf

Executive production Spectre productions

With the support of Stiftung Kunstfond, Arbeitsstipendium / Institut Français, Bourse Hors les murs / Capacete entretenimentos / Association Filmes de Quintal

Length 93 min

Language Portuguese

Subtitles French / English


Photography Raphaël Grisey, Daniel Cruz (festa de Santana nos Luizes)

Script Raphaël Grisey

Editing Raphaël Grisey

Sound Raphaël Grisey, Laylla Caroline Braz, Julio Cruz, Bruno Vasconcelos

With Miriam Aprigio Pereira, Maria Luzia Sidônio, Victor Pantera Sidônio, Dona Firmina, João Vicente Dias, Dona Rita Dias

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Raphaël Grisey

Born in Les Lilas, in 1979

Lives an works in Berlin

Raphaël Grisey, visual artist and filmmaker, works with experimental films, video installations, video-essays, documentaries and publications. His work gathers or produces narratives around specific geographical and social context and displacements using politics and forms of gesture, memories, language, landscapes and bodies within the editing of images and sound.