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François Daireaux

The Wheels


Between light and obscurity, a magic moment in a factory of wheels to Firozabad in India.

→ 6 min, Sans dialogues, 2013


Pas de projections à venir

Technical details

Directed by  François Daireaux
Running time 6min 41

Shooting format HDV
Ratio  169
Color Color
Country France
Original language without dialogues
Screenig Format  DVD/HD file

Production François Daireaux
Distribution Phantom



François Daireaux

Born in 1966 in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Lives and works in Paris.


Over the past twenty years François Daireaux has developed an art of installation that integrates different media: sculpture, photography, video; his work is the result of experiences and materials brought back from his frequents travels around the world. Far from any sort of exoticism, functioning as a meticulous observer, he concentrates on the gestures of both work and relaxation, on objects—be they finely-worked or, on the contrary, abandoned—with the objective of showing us the dramas and miracles hidden at the heart of the everyday world. Since 2012, his artistic production has included the making of films for the cinema. His work is beginning to be discovered by several European festivals. In his silent documentaries, Daireaux manipulates with finesse the art of the fragment so as to lead us on journeys to the heart of an incandescent reality.