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About us


Created in 2012, Phantom is a structure developed by Khiasma, a center for art in Les Lilas. Its objective is to respond, in terms of both accompaniment and distribution, to the questions posed by new cinematic writing practices, in particular those coming from the field of the visual arts. Seeing that traditional support mechanisms are often unable to sustain and reveal the diversity and richness of contemporary film practices, Phantom has decided to function in the form of a factory or manufacture.



La Fabrique Phantom


La Fabrique Phantom (or Phantom Factory) is an accompanying structure based on the principle of flexible residencies that offer an ensemble of artistic, material, logistical and financial tools: work space, material for filming and editing, as well as a team to follow the development of projects. The specificities and length of each project are taken into consideration: the process of developing a film is conceived of as a living space for research and encounter, a community that associates professionals and public, in particular via Les Lundis de Phantom (Phantom Mondays), monthly presentations of works in progress supported by the Espace Khiasma.

As part of its mission for development, the Fabrique Phantom works in collaboration with businesses, art centers and museums.


Distribution: In addition to its mission of accompaniment, Phantom is developing an activity of distribution that associates frequent and periodic screenings in cinemas, art schools or intermediary venues (Les Séances Phantom), as well as curatorial programmes on film (exhibitions and cycles).


Coordination / Distribution :
Ioannis Chondros (diff@lafabrique-phantom.org)

Design graphique :
Pierre Tandille (www.lecollecteur.fr)


6 rue Léon Frapié
75020 Paris